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Excellent beer deserves an excellent snack.

Gourmet beef jerky that pairs perfectly with beer.


Great beer snacking begins here.

We use only the highest quality cuts of meat and we craft our flavors to pair well with beer. Your beer drinkin’ customers are going to LOVE it. Cheers!

Brewery Partners

These are a few of the amazing breweries that offer Brewpub Jerky in their taprooms:

Featured Flavors

The original Beef Jerky for Beer Drinkers.

Based on an old family recipe, this hickory smoked jerky has a warmth that builds as you chew. The aftertaste is dynamite and will keep you reaching for more.

Tastes great with: Lagers, Pale Ales.

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Coffee & Cayenne

“Unique and addicting” is how most customers describe this jerky. The coffee is smooth and the cayenne brings some heat. But the secret ingredient is actually a hint of cocoa, which ties everything together.

Tastes great with: Dark Beers, Saisons.

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Green Chile & Hops

Marinated in a mixture of southwest green chiles and northwest Cascade hops, this jerky will absolutely delight your taste buds. It is a tiny bit sweet, courtesy of North American honey, and it ends with a kick that will have you reaching for another sip of beer.

Tastes great with: IPAs, Amber Ales.

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